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Event No. 6 - How Ed Currie Sets Up His Greenhouse

Ever wonder how Smokin’ Ed sets up his greenhouses at PuckerButt Pepper Company? Check out Event No. 6 of Ed’s Reaper Growing Camp to learn all about Ed’s greenhouse setup...

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Event No. 5 - Carolina Reaper Pest Control

Event No. 5 is all about pest control. Learn how Ed and the team take care of pests at PuckerButt Pepper Company, as well as options you can try to...

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Event No. 4 - When Is Too Soon to Transplant?

Growing Camp members don’t miss a thing — you all reached out to us with even more questions. So, Ed and the team are back to give you answers.

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Event No. 3 - How to Transplant

Smokin’ Ed and the PuckerButt crew are back for Event No.3 where they show you how to easily transplant your reaper plants when they’re ready to upgrade to a more...

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Event No. 2 - How to Grow Carolina Reapers

In the latest Reaper Growing Camp video, Smokin’ Ed has even more tips and tricks on how to get the most out of your peppers, have a smooth and simple...

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Event No.1 - Getting Started

Learn how to grow peppers the Ed Currie way. In the first event of Ed’s Reaper Growing Camp, Ed takes you through his simple, easy to follow method for growing peppers...

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