Christopher Phillips Rare Seed Collection

Christopher Phillips Rare Seed Collection

Smokin' Ed Currie, PuckerButt Pepper Company and Christopher Phillips are partnering to present this rare seed collection for our ever-expanding pepper loving and growing community.  Pepper types in this exceptional collection range from Mild to Stupit Hot and originate from around the world. 

Christopher has grown exotic varieties for well over 10 years and has built an enormous network of pepper contacts and friends worldwide.  He enjoys growing the 'rarest of the rare' and has been involved in the initial acquisition of some of the now most famous - once rare - super hot varieties such as the Trinidad Scorpion Moruga Blend Red and many others.  He also is very engaged in pepper photography, has developed a vast pepper photo collection - one of the largest in existence, and is sharing his incredible images to showcase these extraordinary peppers.

Christopher is working on many new hybrid strains, and with Smokin' Ed Currie & PuckerButt Pepper Company, will be offering more soon - be sure to bookmark us and check back periodically to experience these exciting new varieties.

PuckerButt Pepper Company proudly presents the Christopher Phillips Rare Seed Collection.  Enjoy!

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