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Top 10 Best Scoville Sauces

For the hot sauce and Scoville lovers of the world, there seems to be an infinite amount of new sauces to try. But as you know, not all Hot Sauces...

For the hot sauce and Scoville lovers of the world, there seems to be an infinite amount of new sauces to try. But as you know, not all Hot Sauces are created equal. To help aid in the quest to find the finest blend of spice, flavor and pure fire, more and more pepper heads and spice lords turn to the Hot Ones Hot Sauce Reveal.

In the lead-up to the Season 9 premiere of Hot Ones, Sean Evans ran through the NBA Draft of Scoville’s to reveal the new sauces that will be torturing celebrity taste bud’s week after week. The latest season of Hot Ones is all about finding and celebrating incredible sauces and their master mind hot sauce makers from around the world. Sean and his seasoned team of tasters dedicate an insane amount sweat, tears and endless hours of analysis and taste testing to land on a top 10 selection of the best, most delicious, spicy Scoville sauces that will delight you with incredible flavor profiles just before terrorizing you with Scoville body blows.

As history will have it, the warm shout outs, from Sean and the Hot Ones crew, included one to the diabolical mind of our very own Smokin’ Ed Currie for making great, all natural Scoville sauces and for creating the world’s hottest peppers like the Carolina Reaper © and Pepper X ©.

Our peppers are pure, straight fire and help fuel the heat of several of the best hot sauces featured on Hot Ones. So in this regard, you can kind of think of Smokin’ Ed © and PuckerbuttPepper Company © as a granddaddy of hotness- fueling the heat of our chili pepper products as well as the products of premium food companies around the world, including: Chili Klaus, Culley’s, Endorphin Farms, Mrs. Renfro’s, Hot Ones and Fuego Box, to name a few.

As you look for your new favorite sauce of summer, start your journey by
watching the Hot Ones reveal of Top Scoville Sauces.

This compilation is like the Selection Sundance of Scoville’s. Each review in the lineup captures: the labels, flavors, pepper varieties and unique collisions of spice and flavor with ingredients like: roasted garlic, green apples, chocolate pineapples and toasted sesame.

We are honored to not only be recognized for the heat we bring to so many sauces in the market but for making the Hot Ones line up, for our very own Scoville sauce creation, Chocolate Plague!

Chocolate Plague

Beware, Chocolate Plague will cause some pain and will forever effect your very being.

chocolate plague

This sauce is straight from the diabolical mind of Smokin Ed Currie and is made with our freakshow pepper, the Chocolate Bhutlah, which is a mutant hybrid of the Ghost Pepper and Chocolate Douglah Pepper. Chocolate Plague is the second hottest sauce in the Hot Ones NBA draft pick of hot sauces. This sauce is a dark, sinister dive into spice and it’s deep smoky flavor and spice kick in immediately.

From our farm to you,

Smokin’ Ed ® and the PuckerButt Pepper Company team


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