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27% off Puckerbutt and Smokin Ed Products
27% off Puckerbutt and Smokin Ed Products
27% off Puckerbutt and Smokin Ed Products

Fresh, Small Batch Sauces are Our Passion

We’re always hard at work crafting our latest batches of artisan hot sauces.  Each sauce starts with a vision, evolves through many recipe tweaks and transforms into the prefect blend...

This Spring, we’ve been hard at work crafting our latest batches of artesian hot sauces and salsas.  Each one of our sauces made, starts with a vision and goes through multiple recipes, tweaks and iterations before we find the prefect blend of balanced heat, spice, peppers,fresh ingredients and flavor.

There are many things that set our artisan line of sauces above the rest.

For starters, our sauces our made from all natural ingredients and fresh peppers grown on our USDA Organic farm.

Using natural fertilizers, instead of chemicals and pesticides- we ensureproducts made from plants on our USDA Certified Organic farm inSouth Carolina are the freshest and finest. Over 100,000 plants are grown on our farms every year.

We farm and process all of our peppers and pack the most freshness and peppers into each bottle by far. We also preserve our sauces in thepurest vinegars, instead of unnatural, proceed food additives and preservatives. Which adds to the natural, freshness you taste when you enjoy our sauces.  

The Creator of Each Small Batch of PuckerButtPepper Company Sauce

Our founder, Smokin’ Ed, ™ the self proclaimed mad scientist, created the Guinness world record winning hot pepper, the Carolina Reaper®, he also is the lead food chemist and chef that leads up the creation of each one of our small batch sauces.

Creating the perfect sauce can take months with several tastings from our team of tasters made up of: colleagues, friends, family and neighbors. Each one of our sauces created is packed with at least 65% fresh hot peppers, and the remaining of the recipe that fills each bottle is a combination of fresh vegetables, herbs and vinegar to preserve it.   

On any given day Smokin’ Ed ™ and his team of pepper gurus can be found on the Farm, Crafting our own PuckerButtPepper Company Specialty Line of Spicy Sauces and Snacks.

Here are a few of our small batch sauces that are fresh from our farm in South Carolina where we make each

one of our sauces from scratch in our state-of-the-art, farm to table kitchen!

Paytons Hot Strawberry

chocolate plague

One of our favorite things to do when the bottles from a new batch come out of our kitchen, is to pop the first one open and sample just how fresh and flavorful it is.

This time around we got the bright idea to extend that experience, by sharing our most freshly made bottles with you. Pick the one that call to your taste buds the most. From subtle organic spice, to sweet heat, to downright blazing hot- each one of these sauces is all natural, full of flavor and packed with more fresh peppers than anyone by far.

From our farm and kitchen to you,

Smokin Ed ™ and the PuckerbuttPepper Company Team



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