Mild To Medium - 3 Bottle Pack

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The Mild to Medium Gift Pack- 

Want to sample our line? 3 hot sauces that go from Mild to Medium, to Hot- taking you on a journey that gets hotter with each bottle.

This gift pack includes one bottle of each of the following hot sauces:

Puckerduck- A sauce for those who like mild heat. It's made with a variety of chilies from around the world. Awarded First Place-Habanero Sauce at the Chile Pepper Extravaganza. 5 Fl. Ounces. Heat: Mild. 

Honey Bonnet- This sauce is perfect if you like sweet with a kick. Made with Scotch bonnets. Enhanced by honey, and cinnamon which gives it some extra zing and flavor. This sauce if perfect for chicken and ribs. 5 Fl. Ounces. Heat: Medium. 
Purgatory- If you want heat and flavor then this is for you. This sauce is blended black pepper, onion, garlic, cumin, and the Smokin' Ed's Carolina Reaper®. Kicks your taco meat or chili to the next level. 5 Fl. Ounces. Heat: Kinda Hot. 

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