Hell Hound

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Far hotter than Heat's a Peach, Hell Hound is not a "novelty sauce", but it is more than respectably hot. Thoughtfully balanced, Hell Hound features the searing heat of the Carolina Reaper, along with fire-roasted peppers, mango, tamarind & roasted garlic to create a uniquely layered and fiercely fiery hot sauce that is more than just a "stunt" product to mess with your friends. Fantastic flavor is rare in a sauce this hot, yet Hell Hound lives up to Lucky Dog Hot Sauce's mantra of not overpowering food. 


Ingredients: Rice Vinegar, Onion, Carolina Reaper Pepper, Water, Jalapeños, Applesauce, Dry Roasted Garlic, Fresh Garlic, Tamarind Concentrate, Mango, Agave, Lime Juice Concentrate, Granulated Garlic, Mustard Flour, Pepper

Very Hot

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