Ed's Essentials- 3 Bottle Gift Pack

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Hand picked by Smokin' Ed Currie himself, these are the fine products Ed is feeling this month!

Each month we receive a wide array of products from fellow artisan sauce makers looking for "the ones" to add to our collection of sauces on our site. And a part of that process is taste testing each sauce we receive to see if the freshness, flavor, spice and heat measures up to the standards we set and that our Pepperhead customers, like you have come to expect.

This set of three new sauces did not disappoint and have become our latest obsessions. 


Burns & McCoy with the Salsa Verde known as Excubiarum.

Second is Bravado Spice Co. with Crimson.

Culley's hottest sauce yet the Brutality.

Excubiarum-This sauce is perfected with the balance from the sweetness of tomatillo, toasted onion, and roasted garlic. 5 fl.oz bottle

Crimson Hot Sauce- A blend of red jalapeno and arbor chilies, this sauce is bursting with flavor. 5 fl. oz. bottle

Brutality- Proof that flavor does not need to be sacrificed to make room for heat.  5 fl.oz.

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