Charapita Peach Large F2 (CP-359)

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From the Christopher Phillips Rare Seed Collection R8-Capsicum chinense-Release #8 on October 29, 2015 --- LIMITED RELEASE: This is an amazing variation of the famous Charapita pepper originating from Peru.  This slightly larger peach phenotype popped up in Christopher's garden for the first time this season.  Note, due to this being an early generation phenotype, we cannot assure the stability will remain.  It was originally supposed to be a Charapita Red, which is also a rare version so you could win two ways on this treasure!  Due to customer demand, Christopher is giving others a chance to try this one.  The pods are absolutely beautiful ripening from green to peach.  They are about 1/2" long and about 2x the size of the Charapita Yellow.   The pods have a medium heat level with a nice tropical flavor.


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