Trinidad Douglah x Trinidad Scorpion Butch T - Chocolate Select Strain (CP 115)

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From the Christopher Phillips Rare Seed Collection R5--Release #5 on December 9, 2014. LIMITED RELEASE: This is a very special selection of a hybrid Christopher has been growing for a couple years. It is an extremely hot cross between two of the hottest varieties out in the pepper world: Trinidad Douglah and Trinidad Scorpion Butch T. Christopher terms this his 'Select Strain'. All who have tried this pepper said it put them to their knees! The Capsicum chinense peppers can become extremely pimpled and some exhibit little tails at the ends. When you cut these open, you get nothing but pure capsaicin fumes so consume with extreme caution. They have not been formally tested, but many reviewers who have tried it said it was one of the hottest ones they've ever tasted. This cross is believed to be at the F4/F5 stage so not fully stable yet. if ready to jump in the deep end, give these a whirl.

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