Angry Irishman Franken Sauce

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It's Alive, It's Alive, It's Alive!  Darn right, it's alive, and YOU WILL BE TOO!  Frankensauce comes from the center of the demented mind of Sir Angry himself, and is our take on a "Louisiana style" hot sauce.  Utilizing all green chili pepper pods (7 Pot Primo, BBM, Carolina Reaper, Chocolate Douglah, Trinidad Scorpion, Ghost Peppers, and Habanero), onion, garlic (vampires beware!) and carrots for one "electrifying" sauce.  Great on eggs, wings, Bloody Marys, pizza, burgers, brats, and whatever else needs a serious JOLT of flavor!  But beware, it's addictive and HOT!!!

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