Triple Chocolate Death - Seed Bundle

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Try our 3 layered Chocolate seed pack bundle! The first layer is the Organic Chocolate Reaper, Second layer is the Organic Chocolate Scorpion, and the third layer is the Organic Chocolate Bhutlah. The best "Dessert" a pepper grower can ask for!

Organic Chocolate Reaper - In case the Carolina Reaper® was not enough! We have a chocolate version of that same pepper!

Organic Chocolate Scorpion It’s a mellower, less acidic flavor with smoky undertones and a hint of earthy sweetness.

Organic Chocolate Bhutlah After many generations of growth we have decided to release this creation, in collaboration with Steven McLauren & his team.

Each seed pack comes with 10-12 seeds each. 

Painfully Hot

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