Flavor Fusion-3 Bottle Gift Pack

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Three essential sauces that have amazing flavor and just the right amount of heat! This gift pack has versatility with a Caribbean style, classic red sauce, and a green jalapeno sauce that offers the perfect blend of sweetness and heat, to round it out.

This 3 bottle pack is perfect for spicing up dishes, to bring a beach side feel to any meal. Featuring:  Burns & McCoy's Pineapple Ginger, Charman's Original, and Bravado's Jalapeno and Green Apple.

Exitium: The perfect hot pineapple ginger sauce. A must have for every table. Size: 5 fl oz.

Char mans Original: The sauce that started it all. Char Man Original is the perfect balance of sweet and heat. Size: 5 fl. oz. 

Jalapeno & Green Apple:  Granny Smith apples blended with only the freshest peppers and garlic. This isn't your typical "green" sauce, it's a game changer.  Size: 5 fl.oz.


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