The Triple Threat - Seed Bundle

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Whether you are looking for a weapon or a hobby. These 3 varieties will get the job done for this years growing season. This seed bundle comes with the current world record holder Smokin' Ed's Carolina Reaper®, Moruga Scorpion, and last but certainly not least is the Bhut Jolokia. 

Smokin' Ed's Carolina Reaper® - The worlds hottest pepper. Handle with care. 1.6 million on the scoville scale. Ingredients-10-12 seeds. 

Moruga Scorpion -This great variety was sent from Trinidad and offers a wonderful tropical flavor with a high heat level. 1.2 million on the scoville scale. Ingredients 10-12 seeds. 

Bhut Jolokia(Ghost Pepper) -The most commonly known pepper that started it all. 1 million on the scoville scale.Ingredients 10-12 seeds. 

1 pack of seeds each for this bundle. 

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