From Our Organic Farm to You

From Our Organic Farm to You

Ed Currie

Spring brings a brightness in the air as the soil comes back to life. In celebration of each growing season and our love for farming, let our story help spark new growth in your gardening, this season!

In the 1980’s our very own founder of the Puckerbutt Pepper company farm, Smokin’ Ed Currie, started investigating the correlation between personal life style, healthy eating and disease and began growing peppers at home. By the 90’s, in Rock Hill, South Carolina, Ed had raised 800 hot pepper plants in every inch of his home and the homes of family, friends and neighbors. And Ed’s wife Linda, realized the growing demand for his hot peppers needed a farm of it's own.

Our much larger, USDA Organic farm now grows over 100,000 pepper plants, annually and is one of the largest on the east coast. With extra room to experiment Smokin’ Ed, created a Guinness world record winning hottest pepper, the Carolina Reaper®. Today, Ed and his team of pepper gurus can be found on the Farm- tending to the farm they love and supplying intense Spice and Heat to Premier Food Providers and Crafting their own PuckerButtPepper Company Specialty Line of Spicy Hot Sauces, salsas, mustards and snacks made with fresh peppers from the farm.

Whether cultivating a large plot or just a few plots this growing season, our Growing Guide from our very own Smokin’ Ed Currie and his fellow Pepper gurus from around the world provides Step-by-Step instructions and tried and true techniques that will help you go forth and grow like a pro.

Another important element in gardening is humor. So we encourage you to follow these steps closely and to laugh a lot along the way.

growing guide

 For you aspiring gardeners that are thinking it may be too late to get growing, there is still plenty of time! And to really dive in to the soil, find a community of growers near you, where neighbors come together to share seeds and techniques and master gardening by hearing the stories behind what people are growing. For Smokin’ Ed Currie, there are several incredible growers he’s met along the way that helped guide him through their stories, techniques and tools. Like the pepper great Christopher Phillips, with one of the most unique collections of rare peppers.

Ed’s went on to grow many of their beautiful peppers and even carries many of his friends, like Christopher’s seeds, to pass on their incredible creations to you. Smokin’ Ed’s love for growing, creating world record breaking hot peppers like the Carolina Reaper ® and incredibly fresh and delicious sauces;  inspires all that we do at the Puckerbuttpepper company farm. We farm and process all of our peppers from our USDA Certified Organic farm and pack the most freshness and peppers into each bottle by far,

It’s our mission to provide our industry leading expertise for growing the world's most awarded hot peppers, natural farming practices and artisan recipes. Because in the end we love doing what we do so that we can provide you with great tasting, natural food from our Organic farm to your table with a level of quality, love and hospitality that you can't find anywhere else.

 If you have any questions, as you dig into the soil or are looking for creative ways to use our specialty sauces, reach out and we’ll help any way we can.  And stay tuned as we grow our online community of growers!

 From our garden to yours,

 The PuckerButt Pepper Co team